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Canning Making a Comeback along with Gardening

Since canning is making such a come back with the resurgence of gardening, it is up to you elder’s to teach us newcanners some of your wisdom about glass jar canning.

Growing your own vegetables is a wonderful thing, but what do to with the excess?  Glass jar canning of course!

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Mason Jar Rituals – A story by Ezra Maurer

Mason canning jars used to  stir up mixed memories in me of canning as a kid. I loved the flurry of activity in the kitchen, the whole family together, steam pouring off the stove as the water in the huge canning pot began to boil. It was all great – I just hated vegetables.    Read More


Home Glass Jar Canning Guide

Watch our two part glass jar canning guide with step by step photo directions.

Home Canning Guide Part 1 Home Canning Guide Part 2

The Brine cooking the vegetables even before canning

The Brine will start cooking the vegetables even before hot water bath

Wipe your canning jar after adding contents, and before putting on lid

Wipe your canning jar after adding contents, and before putting on lid


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