Leifheit Canning Jars

Starting as Carpet Sweeper Manufacturer in Germany, Leifheit Now Employs 1800 People In 40 Countries.

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Leifheit Canning Jars - European

Leifheit Canning Jars - European in Style

German Made Leifheit Canning Jars

Ingeborg and Günter Leifheit founded Günter Leifheit KG in Germany in 1959. There first products were carpet sweepers and floor wipers.

When the company was taken over by ITT in 1972, the company moved more into product concepting.

Leifheit Makes More Then Canning Jars

Leifheit not only makes canning jars, but is one of the leading European suppliers of housewares products, headquartered in Nassau, Germany. They now employ 1800 people in 40 countries, and can also be found under the brand Soehnle, Dr. Oetker Bakeware, Birambeau and Herby and others.

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