Golden Harvest Canning Jars

Originated In California during 1970's by Glass Containers Corp., now Golden Harvest Canning jars are Made by the Jarden Home Brands (spin-off off Ball).

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Golden Harvest Canning Jars – History and Background

Golden Harvest Canning Jar - Affordable

Golden Harvest Canning Jar Made by Ball

The original Golden Harvest Canning jars were made in the late 1970s by the Glass Containers Corporation in Fullerton, California.

Golden Harvest jars were actually made by Ball until they spun off the canning portion of the business.  They still are in a way, as the spin off,  Jarden Home Brands still makes them along with Ball, Bernardin and Kerr glass canning jar labels.

They are cheaper in price, and are often sold at places like Target, but seem to be well liked by people and they work just fine.

If you need an affordable canning jar Wal-Mart carries both pint and quart jars. Sometimes they are not available in the store, so call ahead and see, you may have to pre-order.

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