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You have lots of options when it comes to your canning jar labels.  Some people just like the functional approach, and others want more of a design oriented label for gift baskets and such.

Here are some Canning Jar Label Choices:

Lot’s of companies are offering custom print labels with quite professional looking graphics.  You design on a site from templates, and they print in batches of 200 0r more – your custom label.  The problem is you have to wait to have them shipped – but if you are going for a nice touch.

Down-loadable labels are also available for your Laser Jet (better suited for labels) and Ink Jet printers.  If you know Photoshop, you are good to go, and Word may have some canning jar label templates as well that might work.

Printing your own canning jar labels gives you the flexibility to make changes on the fly and customize down to the date and item.  I prefer to see that little bit of organic hand-writing on the front of a canning jar label.  It just gives it that special touch.

Crafty?  Make Your Own Canning Jar Labels

If you are crafty, create a sheet of your own labels.  First measure the outer perimeter of your Canning Jar Lid.  Create circles at that exact circumference, fit as many as you can on a sheet of paper.  These are are non stick labels that go on top of your jar, but under the lid, and stay in place from pressure on the lid.

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