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Antique Canning Jars Once Worthless

Green Atlas Antique Canning Jar

Beautiful Green Atlas Antique Canning Jar

Antique canning jars like the Ball jar were once considered worthless by collectors. Over the years, a small group of people started to build an interest in these old cast a ways, and they have become highly collectible.

As it turns out, the more historical jars are out too expensive for most collectors to purchase, and reside in the hands of few.

With the Ball company making over 40 million canning jars between 1888 and 1961, you would think more would be available to collectors.  The canning jar became somewhat extinct with modern canning and preservative techniques after World War II.   One thing for sure, the “Ball” and “Mason” are certainly synonymous in most peoples minds.

Older Canning Jars Made with Colored Glass

While modern canning jars are made with clear glass, many antique jars were made with different colored glass.  Sunlight can disrupt the preservation process, and the tinted jars were like sunscreen for canning jars.  They also look much cooler, and are a first sign that you might be on to a nice piece if you are out collecting.

Colored Glass Canning Jars to Look For:

  • Yellow
  • Yellow- green
  • Blue
  • Emerald
  • Olive
  • Teal

How Much is an Antique Canning Jar Worth?

Basic entry level antique canning jar collectibles can be picked up for between $6 and $15 dollars, and you can do better at garage sales and some estate sales.

While the colored glass canning jars are desirable, jars made prior to 1915  were made from actual blown glass, not the modern molded glass.

You can tell these from molded glass apart by:

  • Molded Glass has the tell-tale glass seams
  • Blown glass will not have theses seams, but rather a bump on the bottom where the glass rod was removed.

The blown antique canning jars are more valuable then the seam based ones.

What about the lids?  Does that change Antique Canning Jar Value?

If you looking for a collectible jar,  look to see if the original lid that came with the jar is intact.  This can greatly increase your antique canning jar value.

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